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Explore the underwater world of tropical fish and coral, with-out even getting your head wet

What Happens On Oceanwalker

How will picked up at your Resort with our Free transfer bus and taken to a dock on Wharf Road where our transfer boat will meet you and take you on a short 10 minute boat ride across the beautiful Port Vila Harbour. Here you will get a full briefing on how the tour works and what to expect on tour while you explore the underwater realm. Two fully trained Divers will be in the water waiting for you and a PADI Divemaster will be on the boat with his assistant supervising and monitoring you and the equipment. You step off the boat onto a ramp that runs down the side and when you are shoulder deep in water, the Helmet is lowered onto your head by a davit.  You then continue down the ramp to wait for the rest of the group while be supervised by one of our divers. When you have all reached the bottom you will follow our Diver on a 15 to 20 minute exploration of the site, with another diver behind you at all times monitoring your progress. Your maximum depth will be 4 meters during the tour. Your walk will finish back at the ramp where you started and then the process is reversed as you walk up the ramp and the helmet is taken off your head. All together allow one hour for the Tour from when we meet you until we say goodbye.

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